Computer-Aided Design, Manufacturing, Modeling and Simulation

Volumes 88-89

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ji Qiu Deng, Zhong Hao Zuo, Li Yang, Qian Hong Wu

Abstract: Drawing geologic maps (profile\plane\column map) are high-workload and low-accuracy task. Based on a series of research on previous study,...

Authors: Cheng Zhi Li, Fu Qun Shao, Zhe Kan, Hai Xiang Fan

Abstract: The acoustic pyrometer system uses physical properties of the gas and registers the perceivable temperature without the effects of...

Authors: X.C. Zhao, Y.D. Zhang, Y.J. Ma

Abstract: The process of stress vibratory relief is gaining more and more weight as manufacturing process. This is mainly due to the fact that...

Authors: Zhi Jun Xi, Gang Li

Abstract: The exist shear-free air-water interface at the fluid-solid houndary is one important reason for drag reduction of ultrahydrophobic surface....

Authors: M. Huang, Z.X. Xia, Q.H. Zeng

Abstract: The stratospheric airship, with long-endurance and quasi-static capability, is suitable to carry out special mission such as communications...

Authors: Lei Chen

Abstract: Earing is often undesirable in the production of deep drawn containers because it results in a nonuniform cup height. A finite element model...

Authors: Lin Qiu, Yue Zou, Li Huang

Abstract: It is the numerical simulation of the thermal properties of a special polygonal collector plate with hole in air-heating. With the...

Authors: Xue Yi Li, San Shuai Li, Shou Bo Jiang, Pei Si Zhong

Abstract: Based on the bending fatigue properties of cylindrical gear pair, the worst meshing positions on driving and driven gears are respectively...

Authors: Jian Ping Cai, Yi Jun Zhang

Abstract: Friction exists in a wide range of physical systems. On the other hand, deadzone hysteresis nonlinearities seem inevitable in practice...

Authors: Yi Fang He, Sha Nen Yu, Qun Li Shang, Fu Kai Deng

Abstract: Pneumatic operated spring-diaphragm actuator is the most popular acting device in industrial applications. Precise modelling of pneumatic...


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