Computer-Aided Design, Manufacturing, Modeling and Simulation

Volumes 88-89

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hua Cai Lu, Ming Jiang, Qi Gong Chen, Li Sheng Wei

Abstract: In this paper, a novel sensorless position control for a surface permanent magnet linear synchronous motor (SPMLSM) is presented. The...

Authors: Hui Zhang

Abstract: To discover the knowledge used to trigger design inspiration in complex data, a new method, namely the method of acquiring knowledge aimed...

Authors: Xiao Gang Wang, Qin Zheng, Xin Zhan Li

Abstract: In this article we discuss a new method for describing the 3D shape of woman warm jacket and set up its mathematic model, which is by dint...

Authors: Qin Zheng, Chuan Qing Cheng, Xiang Zhu

Abstract: This article aimed to find a new way to transform the graphic image (drawing, photos, etc) to the pattern parameters of female apparel with...

Authors: Ying Ma, Xiao Yu Ma, Guo Dong Wang

Abstract: With the higher and higher demands to the safety in coal mines and the development of the enterprises themselves, the security problems in...

Authors: Lei Zhang, Yan Chun Zhai, Hai Xin Zhao, Guan Jin Chen

Abstract: Nowadays, most of continuously variable transmissions (CVT) adopt hydraulic system to exert pressure on the cone-plate, in order to realize...

Authors: Ci Jun Shuai, Yi Nie, Cheng De Gao, Huan Long Hu, Jing Yu Zhuang, Zhong Zheng Mao, Shu Ping Peng

Abstract: An open motion control software for a novel selective laser sintering system has been developed to fabricate a three-dimensional porous...

Authors: Qian Yin, Yong Jian Sun, Wei Zong Zhou, Xia Jing Ni, Kun Chang Chen, Ren Wang Li

Abstract: Considering the problem that current configuration design method is mainly faced for professionals, based-on the analysis of different...

Authors: Ming Bai Wu, Xiao Bo Xiong, Zhi Qiang Fan, Xiao Qing Zhu

Abstract: As China's economic construction and social development, projects of roads , railways and other transport infrastructure are also...

Authors: Ali Asadi, Seyedali Ali Sadough

Abstract: The purpose of this article is studying the behavior of lightweight composites under metallic projectile by stress wave and comparing the...


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