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Authors: Chun Bo Li, Xue Long Fu
Abstract: An Orthogonal experiment was carried out combined with MPI technology and Taguchi method in order to investigate the effect of parameters, the temperature of the melt and mold, injection duration, packing pressure and duration on the quality of barrel plastics. The optimum parameters to get a minimum volumetric shrinkage and sink index was also finally obtained, that is, melt temperature at 190°C, mold surface at 50°C, injection duration at 5s, packing pressure at 70 MPa with 20s duration.
Authors: Feng Li Huang, Mei Peng Zhong, Jin Mei Gu, G.W. Liu
Abstract: Based on single objective robust design of injection molding process, a bi-objective robust design model based on mean and standard deviation of molding quality and a multi-objective ant colonies algorithm with crossover and mutation based on Pareto optimization are proposed. Aimed at the craft parameters of plastic injection for the top and down shell of remote controller, a model of bi-objective robust design based on mean and standard deviation of warpage quantity is established with an example. And the model is solved by multi-objective ant colonies algorithm of crossover and mutation. The result shows that partial performances of algorithm are superior to that of NSGAII. The actual plastic injection was done by means of the parameters which were gotten by multi-objective robust optimization. The quality of plastic parts was high, and the fluctuation was small.
Authors: Xiao Ping Shao, Yu Cheng Xia
Abstract: To further optimize mining methods and parameters at regions of “protecting water mining”, this paper has made modeling and numerical optimal simulation of coal pillar’s failure process under two kinds of mining method including “taking 8 remaining 7” leaving the region pillars and “taking 12 remaining 8” leaving strip coal pillars for Yubojie coal mine in northern Shaanxi province in China. Simulation showed that the stability of strip coal pillars is better than the region coal pillars at the same advancing distance. The region coal pillars first appeared corner plastic failure and maybe become hexagonal pillars. Plastic failure of the rectangular pillar extended and penetrated from the corner along the edge. Plastic damage of pillars showed tendency from the middle to the roadway side of the face along the length direction of face. Stability of central elastic core of coal pillar is the basis of pillar stability. Simulation results showed that it is feasible to optimize mining methods and parameters of “protecting water mining" areas based on modeling and numerical simulation of pillar failure process. The method has provided a useful reference to mining method and optimization design research for other regions with same type of domestic and international coal mines.
Authors: Jian Pan, Guo Hong Mao, Jin Xiang Dong
Abstract: The design of new products is a creative work based on designer’s knowledge or experience. This paper develops a web-based design platform for intelligent instrument with the technology of Java and web database. It aims at offering near-optimal solutions of product design scheme that meets user requirement with the selection of module. An improved genetic algorithm with a binary encoding scheme is proposed to accomplish the selection of module more effectively.
Authors: Na Na Chen, Qing Fei, Hao Ping Hu
Abstract: The paper studies the optimization design of rolling deformation schedule on plate mill. In order to ensure to play equipment ability full and control the precision of flatness, optimization mathematical model of flatness passes is firstly given. Then, the objective function is formulated in accordance with the actual production conditions, and the flatness constraint conditions are confirmed based on equipment and technical requirements. Finally, GA is applied in the optimization calculation of rolling schedule and a lot of simulation experiments are conducted with actual data. Analysis and comparison of optimized schedule with the existing schedule were offered. It is seen that the performance of the optimal rolling schedule is satisfactory and promising and the design is feasible and promising.
Authors: Kai Wang, Shu Guang Jiang, Zheng Yan Wu, Wei Zou
Abstract: Finding the shortest path is an important issue of coal mine emergency rescue. In this paper, based on Analytic Hierarchy Process theory, the roadway path weight is calculated, thus, influential factors weight on walking speed by roadway attribute is obtained. The establishment of the roadway equivalent length system constitutes roadway equivalent length adjacency matrix combined with path weight. Using adaptive ant colony algorithm and MATLAB software to simulate local roadway of a coal mine domestic, we get the shortest path in mine emergency rescue system, which is more reasonable and less time needed.
Authors: Ye Jian Yang, Ze Yi Jiang, Xin Xin Zhang
Abstract: According to the technical demand of hot-rolling production in steel plant, a production scheduling mathematical model was proposed with the aim of reducing the production cost and optimizing the product quality. The scheduling of reheating furnaces which was summed up as the Boolean satisfiability problem was involved in rolling scheduling optimization which was summed up as the multiple traveling salesman problem with uncertain traveling salesman number, and a two-stage genetic-tabu algorithm was designed to solve the problem. It was shown that, the model could fully meet the demand of hot-rolling production. Compared to the human-computer method, the results had better performance on high production and energy efficiency.
Authors: You Li Feng, Li Jing Yu
Abstract: Epoxy/montmorillonite composite material was synthetized through intercalated and triethylene tetramine EPIKURETM 3234 was curing agent. A series of nanometer composite material with different amount of montmorillonite were synthetized at certain technology. The dielectric property of composite material was studied. The results show that the dielectric constant increasing with the amount of montmorillonite below 7%; it reaches maximum at 7% montmorillonite, after that, the dielectric constant decreases with the montmorillonite amount increasing.
Authors: Hai Feng Li, Wu Yun Qimuge, Xiao Lei Liu, Chao Lu Eerdun
Abstract: Influences of Rashba spin-orbit interaction(SOI) effects on the ground state energy of the electron in quantum ring at zero fields are studied by means of the perturbation method. Numerical calculations for CdF2 ring are performed and the results show that the Rashba SOI makes the ground state energy of electron split into two branches, which are induced by the spin-up state and spin-down state, respectively. Two branches splitting energy increases oscillatorily with increasing the inner radius of quantum ring and decreases oscillatorily with increasing the outer radius of quantum ring. The largest Rashba spin splitting energies in the process of oscillation-increase and oscillation-decrease are 11.91meV and 13.97meV, respectively. These data and results are helpful to design and develop spin field effect transistor, spin light-emitting diode, spin resonant tunneling device, etc.
Authors: Jin Hui Wang, Na Gong, Gang Liu, Shu Qin Geng, Wu Chen Wu
Abstract: The leakage current, active power and delay characterizations of the domino circuits in the presence of P-V-T (Process, Voltage, and Temperature) variations are analyzed based on multiple-parameter Monte Carlo method. It is demonstrated that failing to account for P-V-T variations and process-electro-thermal couplings can result in significant inaccuracy in transistor-level performance estimation. It also indicates that under significant P-V-T variations, DTV (Dual Vt Technology) is still highly effective to reduce the leakage current and active power for domino circuits, but induces speed penalty. At last, the robustness of different domino circuits with DTV against the P-V-T variations is discussed.

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