Computer-Aided Design, Manufacturing, Modeling and Simulation

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Authors: Jian Gao, Kang Feng Zheng, Yi Xian Yang, Xin Xin Niu

Abstract: The paper applies the segmentation of peer-to- peer network to the defense process of P2P-based botnet, in order to cause the greatest...

Authors: Xing Hong Liu, Xiao Lin Chang, Wei Zhou

Abstract: This paper introduces the simulation method of concrete temperature cracking propagation process by element-free Galerkin method (EFGM). Due...

Authors: Jing Jing Wang, De Xin Hou, Bei Lei Wu, Shu Liang Ye, Heng Yang

Abstract: Near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) is a technique that shows many possibilities in the field of identifying chemicals and materials. Plastic...

Authors: Wei Bao Xu, Chao Wang, Miao He, Sheng Huang, Xin Chang

Abstract: Steady cavity flow of 2-D hydrofoil is simulated by CFD software. The impacts of different cavitation models, turbulence models and wall...

Authors: Wei Bin Zhu, Jin Long Meng, Zhao Qin Yin

Abstract: The rear pressure measurement position of V-cone flowmeter is in the complex vortex structure area after fluid around the cone. The...

Authors: Li Yu, Han Cheng, Zhu Wei Yin

Abstract: In this paper, a powerful, user-friendly parachute design and performance analysis software (PDPA) is introduced. This software provides...

Authors: Y. Fang, J. Wu, Z. Li

Abstract: In this study,a new dynamic separator was designed by the simulation method with the ANSYS CFX11.0 software. It can be found that the flow...

Authors: Tian Wen Zhang, Yue Peng Su, Shen Ma

Abstract: Marine aquaculture is an important growing worldwide industry. An ecosystem approach to study the effects of aquaculture on shrimp ponds was...

Authors: Bin Xu, Zheng Yu, Yu Jia Ge, Pei You Han

Abstract: Received signal strength indication (RSSI) is one of the primary location techniques, which has been popularly used in ZigBee wireless...

Authors: José J. Macías-Hernández, Plamen Angelov, Xiao Wei Zhou

Abstract: Prediction of the properties of the crude oil distillation side streams based on statistical methods and laboratory-based analysis has been...


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