The Development of Prototype Equipment for Information System of Environmental Monitoring and Production Factor in Agroforestry Area, Uttaradit, Thailand


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This research aimed to develop the prototype equipment for an information system of environmental monitoring and production factors in an agroforestry area with concepts of wireless sensor network technology controlled by microcontroller. There were 2 parts: 1) the sensor node functions various environmental monitoring such as temperature, humidity, smoke in an agroforestry area of agriculturists, and 2) the gateway station functions data collection from the sensor node via the Internet network stored in the cloud database system. Results from the wireless sensor network is the data of the inputs in the agroforestry area, such as temperature, humidity and CO2 which displays data on the information system that agriculturists can use information to monitoring the environment for agriculture and support an agriculture system management. Improve production processes to increase productivity and predict future output



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Ruangdet Wongla




C. Ruangsiriwattanakul, "The Development of Prototype Equipment for Information System of Environmental Monitoring and Production Factor in Agroforestry Area, Uttaradit, Thailand", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 886, pp. 233-239, 2019

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January 2019




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