Evaluative Case Study in Lightweight Wooden Wall Research


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This presented article deals with two newly designed experimental walls with different measuring sections (5 for each lightweight wooden wall). All fragments meet the standards required for zero and energy-plus buildings, which would be mandatory in Slovakia from the year 2020. The experimental walls are located in central Europe (town Zilina, Slovakia). Description of individual test sections, the measuring technology, data collection, interior technical equipment and outdoor boundary conditions monitoring are introduced. In the future, the experimental research should progressively combine theoretical calculations with real measurement and computer HAM simulation. In this paper, the focus is aimed to the temperature profiles in wall fragments during seven days chosen from the spring period in the year 2017. The results were graphically presented and evaluated from a point of view of continuous temperature measurement in the structure, exterior boundary conditions, wall orientation and surface character (material, color). Also further intensions of research are drawn.



Edited by:

Ulrich Pont, Matthias Schuss and Ardeshir Mahdavi




D. Štaffenová et al., "Evaluative Case Study in Lightweight Wooden Wall Research", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 887, pp. 56-63, 2019

Online since:

January 2019




* - Corresponding Author

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