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Authors: Jan Awrejcewicz, Grzegorz Kudra, Grzegorz Wasilewski
Abstract:The experimental rig of the triple physical pendulum with the first body periodically forced is built. A mathematical model of the real...
Authors: Roman Bogacz
Abstract:We studied several cases of dynamical problems, where the motion is driven by a concentrated force or distributed load applied at a moving...
Authors: Roman Bogacz, Kurt Frischmuth, Krzysztof Lisowski
Abstract:We discuss the dynamic behavior of stepped columns subjected to follower forces. In particular, limit cases which correspond to columns with...
Authors: Czesław Cempel
Abstract:With the modern metrology we can measure almost all variables in the phenomenon field of a working machine, and many of measuring quantities...
Authors: Andrzej Chudzikiewicz, Michał Opala
Abstract:We shall discuss the problem of rail vehicle safety studies using simulation methods. The contemporary methods and criteria used for safety...
Authors: Włodzimierz Czyczuła, Roman Bogacz
Abstract:Certain analytical elastic solution for curvilinear track section under uniform thermal loading has been proposed. Track section is composed...
Authors: Pawel Kudela, Wiesław M. Ostachowicz
Abstract:The paper presents results of numerical simulation for transverse elastic waves corresponding to A0 mode of Lamb waves propagating in a...
Authors: Georg Peter Ostermeyer
Abstract:The analysis of friction in brake systems shows a complex dynamic dependence of friction and wear. Friction produces wear but wear affects...
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