Large-Scale Two-Dimensional Nonlinear Analysis on Seismic Effect of Fuzhou Basin


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So far, nonlinear analyses on seismic effect of large-scale basin model have rarely been reported. Based on the explicit finite element method and 32 CPU parallel computing cluster platform of ABAQUS, a two-dimensional(2D) large-scale refined model for Fuzhou Basin is established using a nonlinear analytical method in the time domain. Both the peak ground acceleration (PGA) and acceleration response spectra of ground surface are emphatically analyzed. Meanwhile, the results by one-dimensional equivalent linearization method in frequency domain are added for the sake of contrast. The study results show that the PGA of ground surface will be obviously amplified when compared with the peak acceleration of bedrock ground motion; and the ground acceleration response spectra of Fuzhou Basin may appear a double-peak or multi-peak phenomenon. Moreover, the 2D large-scale model can reflect amplification effect of Fuzhou Basin soil to bedrock ground motion in particular periods; In addition, the acceleration responses of ground surface right above the bedrock valleys and crests appear larger than the other positions adjacent to them, these phenomenon are generally manifested as focusing effect and amplification effect, which are thought to be produced by the recently deposited soils in the basins as well as the special soil layer such as lens. In general, the PGA of ground surface obtained by 2D model present to be greater than that obtained by the one-dimensional model.



Edited by:

Xuejun Zhou






D. D. Jin et al., "Large-Scale Two-Dimensional Nonlinear Analysis on Seismic Effect of Fuzhou Basin", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 90-93, pp. 1426-1433, 2011

Online since:

September 2011




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