Study on Bearing Capacity of Incline-Pile Groups in Thick Soft Soil


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The presence of incline-piles can provide some advantages when the group is subjected to vertical loadings. Based on model tests of the static pressed pile groups, this paper describes the bearing capacity of incline-pile groups in soft soil. In order to study the incline-pile groups capacity behavior , a series model test and computer analysis were performed. In the model tests, a series of static vertical load tests were conducted on a group of eleven piles arranged in interval pattern., that constructed with aluminum tube, each 1.20m long, were used as pile groups with inclination angle of 0°,5°,8°and12°.And there is an optimal angle, which close to 8°, corresponding to the maximum bearing capacity. A single isolated pile was also tested for comparison to the group response. By comparison with the experiment result, a finite difference method was employed to simulate the incline-pile groups capacity behavior. The agreement between the experimental results and the numerical predictions is shown to be reasonably good. Therefore, accurate prediction of the ultimate bearing capacity of incline-pile groups in a mixed soil is very challenging. But the work is helpful to the design and construction of the incline-pile groups in thick soft soil.



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Xuejun Zhou




X. Xia et al., "Study on Bearing Capacity of Incline-Pile Groups in Thick Soft Soil", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 90-93, pp. 172-175, 2011

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September 2011




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