Liquefaction Features in Mianyang Region in Wenchuan Earthquake


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In Wenchuan earthquake, liquefaction and relevant damage in Mianyang region were significant and of the three major regions, but the liquefaction phenomena were clearly different from Chengdu and Deyang regions. Through field investigation and engineering geological data analysis, this paper studies the liquefaction features and distribution in Mianyang area. Analysis shows that: (1) Liquefaction zones (belts) mainly were located in Youxian area of Mianyang city, Jiangyou city and Weicheng-Dongxuan town area; (2) Liquefaction has been observed in regions of intensities VII and VIII, but mainly concentrated in intensity VII; (3) Heights of water-jet were about one meter with the highest 3-4m; (4) The ejected materials in liquefied sites basically covered kinds of soil types, i.e., nearly 80% of fine sand followed by 11% of gravel; (5) Liquefied zones were associated with cracks, resulting in farmland, houses, a railway station, schools and factories damage in different extents. Jiangyou railway station is the most typical example of gravelly soil liquefaction. (6) The liquefied soil in Mianyang region is mixed, e.g., liquefied layers were gravel layers in Jiangyou city; sandy layer liquefied in Youxian area of Miangyang city; and the liquefied soil was probable gravel or sand in Weicheng-Dongxuan town area but the gravel liquefaction possibility was high



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Xuejun Zhou






W. M. Wang et al., "Liquefaction Features in Mianyang Region in Wenchuan Earthquake", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 90-93, pp. 365-371, 2011

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September 2011




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