Orthogonal Test for Impact Factor of Rigid Frame-Continuous Combined Bridge


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It is reported that the impact factor is influenced by many parameters, whereas in most cases the impact factor is only related to the main span or the fundamental frequency of the bridge. In order to study the sensitive influence parameters of the impact factor for rigid-frame continuous combined bridge, based on the bridge-vehicle coupled vibration, nine influence parameters are considered ,which include the ratio fundamental frequency of vehicle to bridge, the mass of vehicle, the roughness of deck, the damping ratio of vehicle, the velocity of vehicle, the driving mode of vehicle, the rigidity of bridge, the arrangement of bridge and the soil-structure–interaction mode, then orthogonal test table is employed to study the structural impact factors in the critical sections under those parameters respectively, thus the sensitive parameters are derived. The results show that the ratio frequency of vehicle to bridge, the roughness of deck, the velocity of vehicle are the sensitive parameters affecting the impact factors. Therefore the impact factor should be interpreted as the function of muti-parameters rather than of only one parameter.



Edited by:

Xuejun Zhou






Y. J. Zhou et al., "Orthogonal Test for Impact Factor of Rigid Frame-Continuous Combined Bridge", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 90-93, pp. 574-579, 2011

Online since:

September 2011




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