Effect of Compaction Degree on Soil-Water Characteristic Curve of Chongming Clay


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The soil-water characteristic defines the relationship between the soil suction and gravimetric water content, w, or the volumetric water content, θ, or the degree of saturation, S. It is a convenient method to predict water content in the subgrade using the curve. But in the field tests of subgrades, the compaction degree of soil became lower with time than initially designed. With the purpose of finding out effect of compaction degree on soil-water characteristic curve, a study to the SWCC (soil-water characteristic curve) of Chongming low liquid limit clay using filter paper method was carried out and is presented in this paper. Specimens of different water contents were prepared by absorbing different amount of water, in order to better simulate the process of wetting of subgrade soil. After the filter paper test, the soil-water characteristic curve was fitted with two models, and then the effect of compaction degree on the curve was analyzed. The figures show that the compaction degree of the specimen will decrease with higher water content, and from the gravimetric water content-matric suction curve, it is found that compaction degree has an effect on air-entry value and water storage capacity.



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Xuejun Zhou




J. S. Qian and H. Lu, "Effect of Compaction Degree on Soil-Water Characteristic Curve of Chongming Clay", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 90-93, pp. 701-706, 2011

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September 2011




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