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Authors: Y. Rahmani Firoozjani, S. M. Marandi, S. Sani Kermani
Chapter 1: Structural Engineering
Abstract:In recent years, various studies have been undertaken on how to use waste materials in Civil Engineering projects. Among waste materials,...
Authors: Yuan Qing Wang, Ting Chang, Yong Jiu Shi, Bo Gao
Chapter 1: Structural Engineering
Abstract:In order to investigate the inelastic deformation behavior of stainless steel beams, 4 stainless steel welded beams under pure bending and...
Authors: Shi Qi Cui, Li Ping Jiang, Bo Cheng, Tan Li, Tao Du
Chapter 1: Structural Engineering
Abstract:Through the test and theoretical analysis of post-anchoring drawing method for inorganic materials, the paper discusses the influence factors...
Authors: Xu Wei Li, Ming Ming Dong
Chapter 1: Structural Engineering
Abstract:According to the renovation project of an arterial road, this paper systematically studied the pavement performance of cement stabilized...
Authors: Qin Liu, Jian Min Xu
Chapter 1: Structural Engineering
Abstract:In order to improve the prediction precision of the short-term traffic flow, a prediction method of short-term traffic flow based on cloud...
Authors: Xin Hai Fan, Sheng Dong Zhang, Wen Jun Qu
Chapter 1: Structural Engineering
Abstract:The multiple-shear dowel connection with slotted-in steel plates is one of the most efficient joints for large cross section timber...
Authors: Xi Zhao, Jian Ping Lei, Guo Yun Lu, Hong Gang Lei
Chapter 1: Structural Engineering
Abstract:For rebuilding an ancient tower at province Gansu, the structure of dislocation steel joints was used make the tower having filtering...
Authors: Wen Feng Du, Fu Dong Yu, Zhi Yong Zhou
Chapter 1: Structural Engineering
Abstract:Aiming at the dynamic stability of the K8 single-layer latticed shell structures, it was carried out the dynamic stability analysis based on...
Authors: Nan Li, Xue Ying Wei, Tuo Huang, Ming Jun Shi
Chapter 1: Structural Engineering
Abstract:In this paper, the dynamic response of concrete wall and steel fiber reinforced high strength concrete (SFRHSC) wall under blast load is...
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