Contrastive Studies of Asphalt Pavement on Suction Exothermic Properties and Cooling Measures


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It is important to reduce asphalt mixture strong absorption characteristics to improve anti-rutting ability and reduce the urban heat island effect. This paper firstly studies the suction and exothermic regular pattern of existing three types, five kinds of asphalt pavement structure. It turns out that there are differences in suction and exothermic characteristics of different types of pavement structure. Suspension close-grained type structure has higher adiabatic heating; gap-type skeleton has faster speed of suction and exothermic; and dense skeleton has more total quantity of heat storage. Accordingly, test and analysis of cooling effect of Gap-type skeleton asphalt pavement has conducted by adopting smear reflective materials to reduce reflectance and surface adding insulation materials, The results show that reducing reflectivity is the best way which can reduce by 5 centigrade around. In addition , improving effectiveness has also been studied by adding light-colored stone partly replacing mineral aggregate, and substituting busing mullite for aggregate below2.36 mm is the best cooling way ,which can reduce by 3.3 centigrade.



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Shucai Li






W. G. Li et al., "Contrastive Studies of Asphalt Pavement on Suction Exothermic Properties and Cooling Measures", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 97-98, pp. 290-296, 2011

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September 2011




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