Road Macula Analysis and Evaluation


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The subject Introduced the analysis method of the black-spot, established the black-spot discriminant model, And gave its algorithm. According to the characteristics of China's traffic flow, we develope black-spot database, so that the work of the black-spot identification can be quickly carried out。The Road black-spot traffic accidents describes the road sections which have significantly higher accident rate than the average level . Road black-spots identification, analysis and processing are widely considered to be the most efficient way to prevent traffic accidents. The identification of Road accident black-spots is the concern of road design, road safety review, operation management, and security studies , The research studies of road black-spot identification,and determines risk road sections, so that countermeasures can be put forward, and we can achieve the goals of design improvement, strengthen management, improvement of road safety operation environment, decrease of the number of traffic accidents and improvement of the whole road traffic safety performance.



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Shucai Li






J. C. Sun and L. S. Wang, "Road Macula Analysis and Evaluation", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 97-98, pp. 360-366, 2011

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September 2011




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