The Combine Friction Material Influence on the Noise of the Vehicle Braking


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This paper is mainly about improving vehicle use friction material and reducing vehicle braking noise. With the improvement of friction sheet material prescription as breakthrough point, we aim at raising the friction performance and high temperature capability, so that we can reduce the friction of mating plate efficiently and reduce brake noise. In this experiment combinatorial friction materials research is conducted. Raw materials used are screened by two criteria:1、 select those raw materials which have good wear resistance when they combine with group raw materials; 2、 select those raw materials that have the function of reducing brake noise。 Golden Section approach is utilized for experimental formulations design. Comprehensive index of raw materials is obtained by the relational grade analysis. The fuzzy overall merits method is utilized to judge comprehensive index and evaluates merits of multi-objective friction material formulations, so that we can determine one friction material formulation with the best friction performance. Using fixed-velocity D-MS friction experiment machine we test the crucial property for the autonomous new brake friction material. Test content includes mainly: hot decline, wear rate, blow energy and the friction coefficient of test piece in different experiment temperatures. On fixed-velocity friction experiment machine, we adopt advanced friction vibration and noise experiment methods, use HY104A model of the ordinary sound level analyzer to test in some fixed points, and take autonomous strengthened new brake friction material for object. We analyze and study brake noise that some kinds of friction flats produces. Through observing and analyzing the property of friction material and experiment phenomenon and data, we discover the strong weak level of noise has close relation with friction material formulation and the composition of material. Eventually we can decide the best formulation to degrade the brake nose. Brake friction material is a crucial factor to influence vehicle traveling safety. Through the research of this program we can offer some reference about how to select reasonable friction material group and improve the property of friction flats.



Edited by:

Shucai Li






K. Zhang and C. P. Jian, "The Combine Friction Material Influence on the Noise of the Vehicle Braking", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 97-98, pp. 756-760, 2011

Online since:

September 2011




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