Advanced Transportation

Volumes 97-98

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chang Xi Ma, Zhi Zhong Chen

Abstract: The hazardous materials on highway are becoming a lot of mobile hazardous sources. If the accidents occur, they can produce great influences...

Authors: Jin Bao Xie, Lei Gao, Jian Zhang

Abstract: For the method calculating the benefits gotten by transferring the wagons at technical stations without sorting operations, two different...

Authors: Han Bai, Kai Deng, Nan Wang, Qiang Qiang Qiao

Abstract: Intersection delay, an important indicator of traffic control, is often calculated by the Webster formula nowadays. This study investigated...

Authors: Pei Qin Li

Abstract: Supply chain hybrid competition happens among two manufacturers and one traditional retailer in e-commerce age. Being a channel leader the...

Authors: Wen Jie Zou, Jian Cheng Weng, Jian Rong, Wei Zhou

Abstract: In order to improve the reliability of urban road network operation evaluation, the road network regional Partition methods were launched in...

Authors: Ying Wei Ren, Shou Rong Wu, Bo Wang

Abstract: Access management is an advanced traffic management technology. It can effectively improve safety of urban intersection, increase the...

Authors: Zhi Qiang Wang

Abstract: Analyze the sudden failure influence to urban rail transit normal operation, has important significance to grasp the key of failure...

Authors: Xin Qiu, An Xia Zheng, Ying Zhu, Bin Xu

Abstract: Based on the survey of the traffic flow characteristics in the intersection, combined with the traffic flow basic principle and the existing...

Authors: Xi Jiang, Lin Ke Wu, Yun Bao

Abstract: The basic framework of passenger train line plan is determined by its parameters. Considering the association between passenger train line...

Authors: Guang Dong Tian, Yu Mei Liu, Jun Xie, Zheng Jian Lai, Xiao Ning Cao

Abstract: Vehicle detection station is the premise of planning other issues of it. In order to reasonably and practically solve the actual location...


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