Advanced Transportation

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doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhen Zhen Li, Jian Guang Xie

Abstract: Experimental results showed that low heat accumulation asphalt mixture had a marked effect on the reduction of surface temperatures. However...

Authors: Hao Xu, Ping Wang, Dan Liu, Jin Hui Xu, Rong Chen

Abstract: Turnout, where a train changes its running track, is one of the crucial technologies in China’s high-speed railway construction, turnout is...

Authors: Bing Hong Pan, Ling Chen Kong

Abstract: According to traffic operation characteristics and lane changing maneuvers, combining with the export notice signs and considering the worst...

Authors: Chuan Hai Wu

Abstract: This paper aims to explore the reasonability of an evaluation method on high temperature performance of asphalt mixture through a series of...

Authors: Rui Fang, Jiang Chen

Abstract: In order to study the effects on the performance of continuously reinforced concrete pavement (CRCP) of some factors, eleven CRCP test...

Authors: Chun Feng Yang, Hui Ran Pi, Tian Xiao, Can Zhang Jin

Abstract: Viewing so many overload vehicles, this paper analyzes the stress distribution of asphalt pavement structure under heavy traffic...

Authors: Xi Long Kuang

Abstract: The drop distance, times of dynamic compaction and other parameters are studied by on-site testing in order to analyse quantitatively the...

Authors: De Cheng Feng, Wen Xin Zuo, Yin Zhao, Peng Cao

Abstract: As a quick, accurate and efficient inspecting equipment, the Portable Falling Weight Deflectometer (PFWD) is widely used in subgrade modulus...

Authors: Guo Xiong Wu, Miao Yu, Wei Tan

Abstract: The water damage resistance performance of micro-surfacing is studied by means of gradation and clay content; It can be found that the...

Authors: Xi Ying Zhang, Dong Yu Sun, Bing Lai

Abstract: Highway, especially expressway plays a very important role in economic development of today. To deal with the traffic load, the surface of...


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