Architecture and Building Materials

Volumes 99-100

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhi Yong Nie, Qing Li

Abstract: Abstract. This article focuses on analyzing the impacts and potentials of digital technologies in buildings by a case study. The results...

Authors: Lin Zhao, Jing Zhang, Zhao Hui Zhang

Abstract: This document studies Berlin Neukölln district pumping station, explains and demonstrates the background, habilitation, overview and...

Authors: Ying Wang, Lu Yang

Abstract: Overlay asphalt on the crashed cement concrete pavement is used widely in old cement concrete pavement reconstruction. at present, Aiming at...

Authors: Qian Liu, Tao Lin

Abstract: Architectural surface is a hot topic attracting more and more attention of designers. With the deepening of surface research, traditional...

Authors: Hui Fang, Jing Qing Lv

Abstract: As a large agricultural country, China has hundreds of millions of farmers. The residential Xaoyuan they live in has experienced...

Authors: Xiao Yan Tian, Bo Jiang

Abstract: It was contradiction obviously about water demand in western of Jilin Province. It would improve urban and rural life, industrial and...

Authors: Yi Huang

Abstract: We design an "Extreme Living Product", and through varieties of designing techniques including ambiguous space, clever storage, magic unit...

Authors: Ya Wei Kong, Yun Xia, Li Na Wang

Abstract: Based on the relationship of local context and contemporary architecture, perception of body is the key issue to experience in built...

Authors: Qiang Liu, Nan Shi, Jiang Chang

Abstract: Foreign trends are fashionable in contemporary Chinese architecture, foreign cutting-edge architecture ideas and international styles...


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