Analysis of Mechanical Behavior of Fine Sand Filling Embankment


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It is serious problem of the deficiency of high quality embankment filling in the expressway construction in shanghai, the Yangtze estuary fine sand has been extensive applied as the substitute filling material to avoid destroying the cultivated land and cropland. It is signality of the fine sand filling embankment technique popularization and application to the improvement of highway construction level, the protection of the cultivated land and the protection of the eco-environment. For the natural sand is no-viscous bulk solid material with great variation on mechanical properties to traditional embankment filling, now there are some problems on the application of fine sand filling embankment engineering haven’t been analyzed such as the highway performance of fine sand filling embankment. In the paper, it analyzed the fine sand filling embankment stability by considering with the shape of landslide and safety factor by using the combination method of the strength reduction method and Fast Lagrange method. The analysis included geometrical and material properties of the slope ratio, the subgrade height, the presence or absence of the surrounding soil and the thickness of it, the top seal coat, pavement structure etc. and proposed the design suggestions of the optimum fine sand filling embankment based on the analysis above[5].



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Xuejun Zhou






H. X. Zhang et al., "Analysis of Mechanical Behavior of Fine Sand Filling Embankment", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 99-100, pp. 1039-1042, 2011

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September 2011




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