Particle Flow Simulation for Large Diameter Squat Silos Eccentric Discharge


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The scale model of squat silo in large diameter was established with Particle Flow Code (PFC3D) in this paper. This scale model uses the centrifuge model test principle for reference and provides the field of gravity in the calculation of archetypal squat silo. When the silo filled with granules reaches static equilibrium state, record the static lateral pressure measurement values of its each column measured wall, followed by eccentric discharge simulation in different operating conditions, while monitoring the changes of Measured walls in five different directions during discharging granules, in order to analyze the influence of eccentric discharge on the lateral pressure of large diameter squat silos wall. Thus the following conclusion can be obtained: (1)Overpressure coefficient is close extensive between eccentric distance and far extensive between physical reference of storing material.(2)Under the same condition, the overpressure coefficient of same side wall will be minished with the increasing of discharge port.(3)For the same silo model, maximum pressure coefficient is related with eccentric distance, discharge port size and the position with the wall measured, and its value is greater than the calculated value of standard, because the overpressure coefficient calculation formula is only related with silo diameter and eccentric distance, and this is worth further discussion.



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Xuejun Zhou






F. Yuan et al., "Particle Flow Simulation for Large Diameter Squat Silos Eccentric Discharge", Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 99-100, pp. 1106-1112, 2011

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September 2011




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