Flexible and Intelligent Gripping Technology for Machining and Handling of Spatially Curved Extruded Aluminum Profiles


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With a novel extrusion process which is investigated in the Collaborative Research Center Transregio 10 (SFB/TR10), it is possible to manufacture spatially curved aluminum profiles. This process is the base for an automated small and medium size batch production of light-weight frame structures. For the handling and machining of the spatially curved profiles, highly flexible machines and manufacturing equipment are needed. Today’s automated process chains do not reach a sufficient flexibility. This article introduces a new approach to handle and machine spatially curved profiles using a flexible gripping and clamping system. Firstly, the requirements concerning the process comprehensive gripping technology, which have to be fulfilled for a flexible small and medium batch production of light-weight frame structures, are specified. Subsequently, the function and design of a flexible gripping and clamping system are described. Furthermore, metrological processes to maintain a once reached condition of order during the entire process chain are depicted.



Edited by:

Matthias Kleiner, Jürgen Fleischer, Michael Zäh and Marco Schikorra




G. Lanza et al., "Flexible and Intelligent Gripping Technology for Machining and Handling of Spatially Curved Extruded Aluminum Profiles", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 10, pp. 153-162, 2006

Online since:

February 2006




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