Three-Dimensional Curved Profile Extrusion – First Results on the Influence of Gravity


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This paper presents and discusses the latest achievements in the manufacture of threedimensionally curved aluminum profiles using an integrated bar extrusion process. While the conventional process chain lacks applicability and quality especially in low volume production, the new technology is promising, but still needs research to understand the correlation between the product to be manufactured and the contour accuracy to be achieved. This paper shows first results on the manufacture using a robot-guided second guiding tool and direct air quenching. The results will have an impact on further processing steps



Edited by:

Matthias Kleiner, Jürgen Fleischer, Michael Zäh and Marco Schikorra




A. Klaus et al., "Three-Dimensional Curved Profile Extrusion – First Results on the Influence of Gravity", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 10, pp. 5-12, 2006

Online since:

February 2006




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