Flexible Manufacture of Lightweight Frame Structures, 2006

Volume 10

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.10

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Authors: Alexander Klaus, Matthias Kleiner

Abstract: This paper presents the focus of research and the structure of the Collaborative Research Centre SFB/TR10 „Integration of Forming, Cutting,...

Authors: Alexander Klaus, Dirk Becker, Matthias Kleiner

Abstract: This paper presents and discusses the latest achievements in the manufacture of threedimensionally curved aluminum profiles using an...

Authors: Matthias Kleiner, Alexander Klaus, Michael Schomäcker

Abstract: In order to manufacture a workpiece fulfilling specified requirements with the lowest possible weight, it is crucial to be able to work...

Authors: Kay André Weidenmann, Eberhard Kerscher, Volker Schulze, Detlef Löhe

Abstract: Compound-extruded unidirectionally reinforced lightweight profiles are a novel class of materials for the realisation of load-bearing...

Authors: Christian Munzinger, Jürgen Fleischer, Gregor Stengel

Abstract: The innovative process of curved profile extrusion facilitates the cost-effective production of lightweight structures with spatially curved...

Authors: Jürgen Fleischer, Steffen Kies, Christian Munzinger, Raphael Rilli

Abstract: Due to economical, ecological and functional reasons, lightweight-construction is continuously gaining importance. Therefore, lightweight...

Authors: Klaus Weinert, Niels Hammer, Jens Rautenberg

Abstract: Innovative composite extrusions consisting of an aluminium matrix material with steel fibres for reinforced lightweight constructions...

Authors: Andreas Trautmann, Michael F. Zäh

Abstract: This paper renders research into the fundamentals governing the melt pool dynamics of a hybrid bifocal laser welding system consisting of an...

Authors: Volker Schulze, Pablo Barreiro, Detlef Löhe

Abstract: Electromagnetic Compression of tubular profiles with high electrical conductivity is an innovative joining process for light weight...

Authors: Werner Homberg, Michael Marré, Charlotte Beerwald, Matthias Kleiner

Abstract: Joining of lightweight frame structures in small quantities is subject to specific conditions, which are exemplarily determined for joining...


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