Environmental and Safety Aspects of Renewable Materials and Energy Sources

Volume 1001

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.1001

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Authors: Jozef Mitterpach, Christoph Adam, Dagmar Samešová

Abstract: The paper pinpoints the important aspects of ecodesign when designing a retort with decreased emissions in the production of biochar. When...

Authors: Tomáš Bakalár, Henrieta Pavolová, Erik Weiss

Abstract: The issue of renewable energy in revitalizing brownfields is currently important especially in the development of individual municipalities....

Authors: Eva Ružinská, Krzysztof J. Krajewski, Iveta Mitterová, Martin Zachar

Abstract: The paper deals with to evaluate the preparation and properties of polymer blends and fibers prepared from new type of synthetic fibres...

Authors: David Řehák, Jana Pupíková

Abstract: The article defines a theoretical basic research of possibilities to increase resistance of buildings in the zones of emergency planning of...

Authors: Lucia Domaracká, Oľga Végsöová

Abstract: The submitted article is dealing with very delicate problem, how to supply with energy the whole system for polymetallic nodules mining. The...

Authors: Oľga Végsöová

Abstract: Among all biomass resources the work concentrates on one of the most important fuel source - dendromass. This paper focuses on comparison of...

Authors: Ján Stebila, Dušan Brozman, Ivan Ružiak, Milada Gajtanska

Abstract: Due to relatively low environmental awareness of a man, we have reported considerable deterioration of the environment on the Earth...

Authors: Marián Šudý, Karol Balog, Maroš Soldán

Abstract: The present study investigates the degradation of atrazine (2-chloro-4-(ethylamino)-6-isopropylamino-s-triazine) by ozone and OH radicals...

Authors: Eva Mračková, Ivan Chromek

Abstract: Pipeline is even essential technical means on the territory of Slovakia for the transit of oil. Like other states traversed by these...


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