Early Presumption on the 28d Strength of Cement-Clay Composite Powder Mixed Mortar


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Based on the mixing ratio design of the cement-clay composite powder mixed mortar ,in this article,the 28d strength was early presumed by the 7d strength;by the method of mathematical statistics, different regression equations were established and the results were compared,which indicated that exponential equation had a better stability;the early presumption of 28 day strength of cement-clay composite powder Mixed Mortar provided a scientific basis for engineering construction.



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Z.S. Liu, L.P. Xu, X.D. Liang, Z.H. Wang and H.M. Zhang




J. Xie et al., "Early Presumption on the 28d Strength of Cement-Clay Composite Powder Mixed Mortar", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 1015, pp. 135-137, 2014

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August 2014




* - Corresponding Author

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