Study on Extraction of Mesophase from Steel Slag by Potassium Hydroxide-Sucrose (KOSH) Solution Method


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The mesophase (iron aluminate, etc.) in steel slag was extracted by potassium hydroxide-sucrose (KOSH) solution method. The effects of partical size of steel slag, temperature and time of extraction on dissolution of mesophase phase were studied. The composition and morphology of the residue were analyzed by XRD and SEM. The results show the mesophase in steel slag powders (the weight was and the fineness was) could be fully dissolved when 4.00 g sample with a fineness about 600m2/kg is used and extraction temperature is kept at 90 oC, however, other minerals in the steel slag could be hardly dissolved. The reason might be for that, in alkaline environment which provided by potassium hydroxide, the replacement of ions were took place between the mesophase in steel slag and the organic ligands formed by sugar and potassium hydroxide, and through the adsorption and polarization between ligand and steel slag surface, it will result in the decrease of activation energy of iron aluminate.



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Z.S. Liu, L.P. Xu, X.D. Liang, Z.H. Wang and H.M. Zhang




Z. F. Li et al., "Study on Extraction of Mesophase from Steel Slag by Potassium Hydroxide-Sucrose (KOSH) Solution Method", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 1015, pp. 492-496, 2014

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August 2014




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