Cyclic Oxidation Resistance of Co-10Cr-5Al-0.3Y Alloy at 800 oc


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The cyclic oxidation behavior of Co-10Cr-5Al alloys with and without 0.3 at% Y doped in atmosphere at 800 oC was investigated. The addition of 0.3 at.% Y increased the oxidation rate of the alloy and changed the oxidation mechanism. The scales grown the alloys with and without Y were both composed of an outer Co2O3 layer and an inner complex layer of Al2O3, Co2O3 and Cr2O3, except that the addition of 0.3 at% Y enhanced the adhesion of the scale. 0.3 at% Y agglomerated in local zone which accelerated the oxidation rate and was not conductive to the oxidation process of the Co-10Cr-5Al alloy.



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Z.S. Liu, L.P. Xu, X.D. Liang, Z.H. Wang and H.M. Zhang




L. Y. Bai et al., "Cyclic Oxidation Resistance of Co-10Cr-5Al-0.3Y Alloy at 800 oc", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 1015, pp. 505-508, 2014

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August 2014




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