Synthesis and Optimization of Trimethylolpropane Rapeseed Oil Ester


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Lubricant base oil is an environmentally friendly lubricant with good lubricity and biodegradability. The thermostability and stability of rapeseed oil get improved through chemical modification. Fatty acid methyl ester (FAME),prepared by rapeseed oil as starting material with methanol by transesterification,the composition of FAME was detected by gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer (GC-MS).Trimethylolpropane (TMP) esters of fatty acids were synthesized by transesterifying FAME with TMP using zinc oxide as catalyst. The structures of products were characterized by mean of FTIR. The reaction conditions were studied and optimized, the optimum conditions were as follows: the temperature at 140°C~150°C, the reactant mass ratio of 1:9, the reaction time for 6 h, the mass content of catalyst of 0.5%.The thermal stability of product was conducted by thermogravimetry (TG) .It could be concluded that TMP esters of fatty acids possess better thermal stability.



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Z.S. Liu, L.P. Xu, X.D. Liang, Z.H. Wang and H.M. Zhang




Y. Wang et al., "Synthesis and Optimization of Trimethylolpropane Rapeseed Oil Ester", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 1015, pp. 610-614, 2014

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August 2014




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