Effects of Number of Inserts and Insert Materials on Surface Roughness of Cast-Iron Work Produced by Face Milling


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In this work, the effects of two key factors of face milling including the number of inserts and insert material on surface roughness of cast-iron turbine housing work were systematically studied using full factorial designed experiments. Three insert materials including uncoated cemented carbide (TH10), commercial TiAlN/TiN coated cemented carbide (AH120) and tungsten carbo-nitride (WCN) coated cemented carbide were selected while the number of inserts was varied from 1 to 3 in this study. The results showed that both factors were statistically significant and the optimal parameters that yielded minimum Ra-value of 0.495 μm were the commercial TiAlN/TiN coated cemented carbide material (AH120) and three inserts.



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Dashnor Hoxha, Francisco E. Rivera and Ian McAndrew




S. Siwawut et al., "Effects of Number of Inserts and Insert Materials on Surface Roughness of Cast-Iron Work Produced by Face Milling", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 1016, pp. 135-139, 2014

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August 2014




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