The Simulation of Rotor Field Oriented Control of PMSM


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Permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) has been widely in production and everyday life, and its control system has been a difficult point needing more researches. Therefore, it is important to investigate the control system of PMSM. In order to ensure the dynamic and static performance of PMSM, this paper presents a new vector control method based on the rotor field oriented control (RFOC) technology. The paper introduces the fundamental principal of RFOC, and designs three loop servo control simulation system and analyses the result of the simulation. The results shows that the RFOC system has high dynamic and static performance by adopting the three loop control. And the analysis can also provide a reference for similar servo control system design personnel.



Edited by:

Dashnor Hoxha, Francisco E. Rivera and Ian McAndrew




F. Ou et al., "The Simulation of Rotor Field Oriented Control of PMSM", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 1016, pp. 661-665, 2014

Online since:

August 2014




* - Corresponding Author

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