Measurements of Thermal Properties of Different Building Materials


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In this paper we present measurements and measurement methods carried out on construction and building materials in our Building Physics laboratory in University of Debrecen, Faculty of Engineering, Hungary. The investigations with different methods are so significant from the point of view of thermal sizing and designing of the buildings. The laboratory measurements of the thermal properties of materials and in-built structures are very important either for the manufacturers or the designers. In this communication the measurement result are presented. Thermal conductivities will be calculated after steady state thermal resistance measurements both from Calibration hot box (CC) and Heat Flux measurements carried out by Hukseflux (HF) apparatus. Calorific values of some insulating materials will be presented after combusting them in a CAL2K ECO type bomb calorimeter.



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Dashnor Hoxha, Francisco E. Rivera and Ian McAndrew




A. Lakatos, "Measurements of Thermal Properties of Different Building Materials", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 1016, pp. 733-737, 2014

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August 2014





* - Corresponding Author

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