Study on Characteristic of Abrasives in Chemical Mechanical Polishing of Silicon Wafer


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In order to understand the material removal mechanism in the process of chemical mechanical polishing (CMP), the states of abrasives in the slurry and on the polishing pad in CMP process have been studied by testing. It was concluded that although the abrasive in the slurry is in the form of agglomeration, but the abrasive on the polishing pad are in approximately uniform layer distribution. The different CMP slurries had been designed for CMP test of MRR. According to analyzing the test results, it was concluded that the mechanical action produced by the abrasive is the main mechanical action in wafer CMP process and the MRR mainly results from the interaction between the mechanical action of the abrasives and the chemical action of slurry. These results will provide a reliable basis for the building of abrasive trajectory model and a theoretical guide to further understanding the material removal mechanism in wafer CMP.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 102-104)

Edited by:

Guozhong Chai, Congda Lu and Donghui Wen




J. X. Su et al., "Study on Characteristic of Abrasives in Chemical Mechanical Polishing of Silicon Wafer", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 102-104, pp. 658-662, 2010

Online since:

March 2010




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