Application of Magnetic Abrasive in Gasbag Polishing


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Application of magnetic abrasive to the field of finishing processes is increasingly popular and important. Magnetic abrasive finishing (MAF) is effective in precision machining of non-planar workpieces. To study the control of working abrasive morphology and the valid way to solve “incline effect” which is common in some industrial field, application of magnetic abrasive in gasbag polishing is presented. Besides, the polishing system is introduced, and the important factors which influence the magnetic abrasive polishing are studied. Then some tentative experiments are carried out to study its polishing effect. It is found that the difference of surface roughness value and material removal rate under different bevel angle is in small range, which indicates this approach is useful in solving “incline effect”. The work in this paper is also a good attempt for further study that polish precipitous surface of mould or other products.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 102-104)

Edited by:

Guozhong Chai, Congda Lu and Donghui Wen






S. M. Ji et al., "Application of Magnetic Abrasive in Gasbag Polishing ", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 102-104, pp. 690-694, 2010

Online since:

March 2010




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