The Technical Data Analysis of Khachen Reservoir’s Hydrosystem


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After operation of ground hydraulic constructions, it is necessary to implement monitoring during several years; which includes collecting data concerning filtration flow, deposition, strength, sliding and stability of dams and other hydraulic constructions. The technical state study conclusions are drawn upon the collected data analyses. The aim of the work is to make a technical state study of Khachen reservoir hydro system to find out the further exploitation opportunities separated nodes, to process engineering measures program, by the realization of which there will be established conditions for their further safe operation. For the above mentioned purpose there have been implemented the followings: technical data analyses of the dam and it’s separate nodes, technical-economic analyses of the dam, analyses of storage alluvium, net volume and water balance, physical-mechanical properties lab studies of dam ground. Homogeneity estimation of dam by geophysical methods, discovering of filtration centralized discharge across dam and lateral prism, making conclusions, separate nodes description located in the dam, technical state analyses and making conclusions, strength and stability analyses of the dam under static and seismic loading conditions, taking into consideration the ground laboratory experiments and dam geodetic measurements.



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Darja Kubečková




A. Sarukhanyan and A. Manukyan, "The Technical Data Analysis of Khachen Reservoir’s Hydrosystem", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 1020, pp. 839-843, 2014

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October 2014




* - Corresponding Author

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