A Novel Wind Power Micro-Generator Research on Dielectric Electro Active Polymer


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Wind power is emerging as a particularly attractive form of renewable energy. The predomination of Dielectric Electric Active Polymer (DEAP) has been shown to operate in transforming mechanical strain energy to electrical energy as generator mode. Their characteristics make them potentially well suited for wind power takeoff systems. In this article, a novel DEAP micro generator is successfully developed about mechanical-electro energy conversion model. The proposed energy harvesting is based on capacity change induced by the mechanical strain. With the Mooney-Rivlin model, the theoretical modeling of energy harvesting cycle are analyzed. To verify the theoretical analysis, the prototype has been set up on the DEAP wind power micro-generator in this work. Many experiments were performed to verify the usability of the proposed DEAP generator method. These experimental investigations coincide with the energy conversion theory analytical model. The DEAPs have been proved to provide electrical energy with density as high as 1.5J.g-1.This value is much higher compared with the density of piezoelectric polymer (0.3J.g-1). The work will push forward the practical use of wave power for supplying general electrical needs, and supply theoretical foundation for potential applications such as ocean wave power.



Edited by:

Kesheng Wang, Jan Ola Strandhagen and Dawei Tu




G. J. Lin and K. S. Wang, "A Novel Wind Power Micro-Generator Research on Dielectric Electro Active Polymer", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 1039, pp. 415-426, 2014

Online since:

October 2014




* - Corresponding Author

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