Vibration Analysis Based on the Mathematical Model of the Air-Suction Device Tillage Seeder Seeding


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In order to study air-suction when tillage planter in the field farming, Vibration due to the surface roughness of the resulting excitation tillage effects on seed planter of the device, Derivation of the air-suction device tillage planter seeder vibration characteristics of the mathematical model, Vibration characteristics of the mathematical model derived gas suction device tillage seeder seed planter primarily by structural properties, Forward speed when operating, Seed row distance between the soil surface, Soil roughness and soil sticky decision. Can predict and analyze working condition tillage planter seed quality through the establishment of the vibration characteristics of the mathematical model.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 1061-1062)

Edited by:

Prasad Yarlagadda and Yun-Hae Kim




X. Zhang et al., "Vibration Analysis Based on the Mathematical Model of the Air-Suction Device Tillage Seeder Seeding", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 1061-1062, pp. 794-798, 2015

Online since:

December 2014




* - Corresponding Author

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