Research on Elements Distribution in Hot Dip Aluminum Silicon Coating of Hot Stamping Steel


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Al-Si coating in different hot dip process conditions were made by a hot-dip galvanizing simulator, and distribution regularities of chemical elements in coating were studied by means of GDS, SEM, EDS and XRD. The results show that the hot dip temperature has no obvious impact on elements distribution in coating, but has some impact on Si content in surface coating. The hot dip time has no obvious impact on surface coating element content, but has distinct impact on deep coating element content. With the hot dip time increasing, Al content decreases, Fe content increases, and Si content decreases. Al-Si coating is composed of 3 layers, surface layer contains fine and close Al2O3 film, which has good anti-oxidation property on high temperature and hot stamping property, middle layer contains high melting point phase ,such as rich Fe phase , FeAl3 ,which has excellent anti-oxidation property on high temperature. The elements in diffusion layer can even be transited to basic steel, so coating has good adhesion property.



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Mingtu Ma and Yisheng Zhang




Z. L. Xiong et al., "Research on Elements Distribution in Hot Dip Aluminum Silicon Coating of Hot Stamping Steel", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 1063, pp. 73-77, 2015

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December 2014




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