Energy and Environment Engineering and Management

Volume 107

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Isabel P.P. Cansado, Paulo A.M. Mourão, Manuela M.L. Ribeiro Carrott, Peter J.M. Carrott

Abstract: A carbon molecular sieve for the purification of a gas mixtures containing O2, N2 and CO2, CH4 was produced from a waste granulated PET by...

Authors: Jorge Salguero, Moisés Batista, Manuel Sánchez-Carrilero, Miguel Álvarez, Mariano Marcos Bárcena

Abstract: Manufacturing performance improvement must take into account energetic, environmental and economic considerations. Thus, when intermediate...

Authors: Miguel Álvarez, Moisés Batista, Jorge Salguero, Manuel Sánchez-Carrilero, Mariano Marcos Bárcena

Abstract: In the last decades, technologically innovative processes performed in advanced materials such as Carbon Fibre (CF) and Metal Matrix...

Authors: Maria Regina de Aquino-Silva, P.R.C. Leone, Eduardo Jorge de Brito Bastos

Abstract: The sand exploration results in ponds, which are formed by groundwater. The supply of nutrients (especially nitrogen and phosphorus) in...

Authors: Maria Regina de Aquino-Silva, Marcos Roberto Simão, Denise da Silva Santos, Eduardo Jorge de Brito Bastos

Abstract: The aim of restoration is recompose a new vegetation structure in order to obtain benefits such as the containment of bank erosion,...

Authors: Isidro Padrón Armas, Francisco Arvelo Valencia, Iballa Franquis Vera, Marcos Morales García, Feliciano García García, Deivis Avila Prats

Abstract: Perhaps you have wondered, while lying on the beach or in a boat and feeling the strong pull of the waves or tides, whether it would be...

Authors: Magda Pereira Pinto, Vera M. Lessa Catalão

Abstract: The goal of this work is to describe the importance of environmental education in the energy conservation and energy efficiency process....


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