Energy and Environment Engineering and Management

Volume 107

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: M* Domínguez, C. García, J.M. Arias

Abstract: Phase change materials (PCM) are described along with some of their advantages in air conditioning installations, particularly with regard...

Authors: Ernesto E. Cortés, Fernando M. Torres

Abstract: In this paper a model was proposed to calculate the interface potential of a non ideal finite crystal. Most of the research in this issue...

Authors: Cristina Galacho, Manuela M.L. Ribeiro Carrott, Peter J.M. Carrott, Isabel P.P. Cansado

Abstract: A study of hydrothermal stability, performed in boiling water under static conditions, of MCM-41 materials containing different titanium...

Authors: José Ignacio Pérez Calero, Cristina Alba Pérez Rendón

Abstract: The present work tries to study the important role which they carry out the Composites, in the complex process of the design of solar...

Authors: Miguel Álvarez, Alvaro Gómez, J. Salguero, Moisés Batista, Milagros M. Huerta, Mariano Marcos Bárcena

Abstract: Titanium based alloys, mainly UNS R56400 (Ti6Al4V), are increasingly being applied in the airship building industry due to its excellent...

Authors: José M. Portela, Andrés Pastor, Milagros M. Huerta, Manuel Otero, Rafael E. González

Abstract: A part of this work takes place in a collaborative environment among students which have different knowledge and skills, and the rest is...

Authors: José Pérez García, Antonio Cortés Marco, Simón Nevado Santos

Abstract: The main pipes in water distribution systems have, in many cases, an excess of static pressure. This excess of pressure is usually...

Authors: José M. Portela, Andrés Pastor, Milagros M. Huerta, Manuel Otero, Rafael E. González

Abstract: Climate change and increasing energy prices threaten the planet and the economy. The European Union has promised to take the lead, through a...

Authors: Gabriel López, Ondrej Frič, Harry D. Kambezidis

Abstract: Solar illuminance has become an important task in recent years as a new way of energy saving within the building sector. Incorporation and...

Authors: Carmen Martínez-García, Cotes Teresa Palomino, Francisco A. Corpas-Iglesias, Lourdes Martínez Cartas, Nicolás Pérez Cruz

Abstract: Industrial wastes contribute significantly to environmental pollution following the directives of European environmental policies, we must...


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