Application of Fuzzy-PI Controller in the Asynchronous Motor


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This paper proposes an induction motor variable frequency speed control system based on fuzzy-PI self-tuning. The system includes coordinate transformation modules, vector control modules, space vector pulse width modules, fuzzy-PI self-tuning speed regulator, excitation current and torque current PI regulator. Because the speed regulator controlled by the fuzzy-PI self-tuning has better control effect than traditional PI. The performance can be reflected by the shorter response time, smaller overshoot. In addition, when the load torque changes, the electromagnetic torque changes more smoothly and does not have large fluctuations.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 1070-1072)

Edited by:

Danhong Cheng, Qunjie Xu and Weifeng Yao




G. Z. Li, "Application of Fuzzy-PI Controller in the Asynchronous Motor", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 1070-1072, pp. 1210-1215, 2015

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December 2014





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