Environmental Impact Analysis of Water Environment in Coal Mining Areas Based on Matter-Element Model


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In connection with the problems that coal mining accounts for water environment pollution and socio-economic development, the main factors was analyzed. From water environment system, ecological system and socio-economic system, corresponding evaluation index system was perfected and became fit for factual situation. Matter-element model of water environment impact evaluation was constructed and used to evaluate four large-scale coal mining areas. The results showed that assessment model in accordance with the objective reality. Compared with other evaluation models, matter-element model is more accurate and comprehensive. By matlab, a calculating program was made and can be dynamically amended.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 108-111)

Edited by:

Yanwen Wu




Q. L. Wang and L. Wang, "Environmental Impact Analysis of Water Environment in Coal Mining Areas Based on Matter-Element Model", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 108-111, pp. 403-408, 2010

Online since:

May 2010




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