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Authors: Yong Yan Yu, Zhi Jian Wang
Abstract:Aimed at the fact that most of the objects was symmetrical, we present a method reconstructing 3D model from single 2D image. At first, the...
Authors: Chun Lai Chai
Abstract: Web mining aims to discover useful information or knowledge from the Web hyperlink structure, page content and usage log. Based on the...
Authors: Yu Ling Wang, Na Shuang, Li Hua Li
Abstract:This paper expounds a billing-payment subsystem implementation and the difficulties solutions in the developing process of the subsystems...
Authors: Ming Ye
Abstract:The proposed new fusion algorithm is based on the improved pulse coupled neural network (PCNN) model, the fundamental characteristics of...
Authors: Xiao Lin Lu
Abstract:The Data Acquisition Systems (DAS) are the basis for building monitoring tools that enable the supervision of local and remote systems. A...
Authors: E Ming Jie, Zhou Jin Shu
Abstract:The application of technologies of virtual reality, network and sensors makes the construction of Distance Opening Experiment Teaching...
Authors: Ou Yang Quan, Hong Yun Xu
Abstract:This paper describes the key Web Services technologies, combined with features of the education sector to construct a Web Services-based...
Authors: Jing Ying Zhao, Hai Guo, Xing Bin Sun
Abstract:Comparing with the phytoplankton, there are few researches on zooplanktons. Now, many waterworks don’t monitor the zooplanktons in source...
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