A Model for Predicting the Failure Behavior of Bimodal Nanocrystalline Materials


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Giving a bimodal grain size distribution in nanocrystalline materials can effectively achieve both high strength and high ductility. Here we propose a theoretical model to study the failure behavior of nc materials with bimodal grain size distribution. The dependence of failure properties on grain size distribution were calculated. Numerical results show the strength and ductility of bimodal nanocrystalline materials are sensitive to grain size and the volume fraction of coarse grains.



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X. Q. Liu, Ali I. Al-Mosawi and B. Li




S. F. Tian et al., "A Model for Predicting the Failure Behavior of Bimodal Nanocrystalline Materials", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 1081, pp. 132-137, 2015

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December 2014




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