Histopathologic, Immunohistochemical Features and Profile of Viral Antigens in Patients with Myocarditis


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We studied medical records and endomyocardial biopsies of patients with morphological confirmed lymphocytic myocarditis. The patients were divided into two groups: 1 - patients with arrhythmias; group 2 - patients with predominance syndrome heart failure. Morphological verification of myocarditis was based on World Heart Federation Consensus definition of Inflammatory Cardiomyopathy, 1997. Immunohistological study was performed to identify antigens of cardiotrophic viruses. We revealed some features in topic and character of morphological changes in depending on clinical scenario of myocarditis. In patients with chronic heart failure due to myocarditis revealed a high incidence of expression of LMP-antigen Epstein-Barr virus, the lack of expression of adenovirus antigens. Arrhythmic presentation of myocarditis was characterized by a high frequency of expression of enteroviral VP-1 antigen and the type 1 antigen herpes virus. We were not detected expression of the VP-2 antigen parvovirus B19. As a result the most severe inflammatory changes and interstitial fibrosis of intraventricular septum, widespread damage of myocytes the severe myocardial remodeling was found in patients with presentation of myocarditis by chronic heart failure. Interstitial fibrosis of the outflow tracts of the right ventricle, the low activity of inflammation and mild fibrotic changes were feature of arrhythmic scenario of myocarditis.



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Irina Kurzina and Anna Godymchuk




Y. Rogovskaya et al., "Histopathologic, Immunohistochemical Features and Profile of Viral Antigens in Patients with Myocarditis", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 1085, pp. 447-452, 2015

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February 2015




* - Corresponding Author

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