Electrospun Hydroxyapatite/BMP-2 Grafted PLLA Nanofibers for Guided Bone Rebuilding Scaffold


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In order to prepare the bone repair scaffold materials that could employ the sources of the injured bone, the bioactive HA and BMP-2 were added into the biomaterial PLLA. The four scaffold materials, PLLA, PLLA/HA, PLLA/BMP-2 and PLLA/HA/BMP-2 were prepared by electrospinning. The SEM results revealed that the morphology of the 7wt% PLLA fibers was better than the 5wt% PLLA fibers, and the HA nanoparticles were distributed uniformly in fibers. The calculated surface energy of the PLLA/HA/BMP-2 scaffold was higher compared with other three scaffolds, this result fit well with the result of MTT assay of the four scaffold materials, and the MTT assay showed that the MG63 cells on the PLLA/HA/BMP-2 scaffold material proliferated faster compared with the PLLA/HA or PLLA/BMP-2. It is logical to assume that PLLA/HA/BMP-2 scaffold material is a promising material for bony tissue repair.



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Zhengyi Jiang and Xianghua Liu




X. Z. Yang and Z. S. Li, "Electrospun Hydroxyapatite/BMP-2 Grafted PLLA Nanofibers for Guided Bone Rebuilding Scaffold", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 1095, pp. 322-325, 2015

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March 2015




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