Epitaxial Growth of Hexagonal GaN Films on SiC/Si Substrates by Hot-Mesh CVD Method


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Gallium nitride (GaN) films were grown on SiC/Si(111) substrates by hot-mesh chemical vapor deposition (CVD) using trimethylgallium (TMG) and ammonia (NH3). A SiC buffer layer was formed by carbonization on the Si(111) substrates using propane (C3H8). GaN epitaxial films were grown on the SiC layer by the reaction between NHx radicals generated on a tungsten hot-mesh surface and TMG molecules. From the X-ray diffraction pattern, the GaN epitaxial films grown by the two- or three-step growth technique at the substrate temperatures of 600°C and 800°C to 1000°C and the hot-mesh temperature of 1200°C showed good crystallinity. Photoluminescence spectra of GaN films grown by the three step growth technique showed a strong near-band-edge emission and a weak yellow luminescence.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 11-12)

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Masayuki Nogami, Riguang Jin, Toshihiro Kasuga and Wantai Yang




K. Takahashi et al., "Epitaxial Growth of Hexagonal GaN Films on SiC/Si Substrates by Hot-Mesh CVD Method", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 11-12, pp. 261-264, 2006

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February 2006




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