Electrical Property of Carbon Nanotube/PMMA/PVAc Composite Film


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The carbon nanotube/PMMA/PVAc composite film was prepared by solution casting. The carbon nanotube (CNT) and graphitized carbon nanotube (GCNT) were employed as conductive fillers in the composite films. The conductivity of the GCNT/PMMA/PVAc film is better than that of CNT/PMMA/PVAc film. The electrical percolation thresholds were at 5wt% and 2wt% respectively in the CNT/PMMA/PVAc film and GCNT/PMMA/PVAc film. The volume electric resistivities of CNT/PMMA/PVAc and GCNT/PMMA/PVAc composite film are at 0.044⋅m and 0.007⋅m respectively at 15wt% carbon nanotube. The significant difference of resistivity for the both types of composite film was due to different structure and crystallinity of CNT and GCNT.



Advanced Materials Research (Volumes 11-12)

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Masayuki Nogami, Riguang Jin, Toshihiro Kasuga and Wantai Yang




H. M. Chai et al., "Electrical Property of Carbon Nanotube/PMMA/PVAc Composite Film", Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 11-12, pp. 555-558, 2006

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February 2006




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