AICAM 2005

Volumes 11-12

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Jie Shi, Ru Yang, Tao Liu, Tian Dou Hu

Abstract: High concentrated hydrochloric/nitric/sulfuric acid were used to dissolve Ti(OH)4 produced with TiOSO4. It was found that, titania, from...

Authors: T. Nishi, Sakae Tanemura, Lei Miao, Masaki Tanemura, K. Suzuki

Abstract: We have prepared titania aerogel (=AG) embedded by NiB nano-clusters by sol-gel method, immersion of the prepared wet gel into the NiB...

Authors: Hong Yu Chen, Ru Yang

Abstract: YAG precursors were co–precipitated from a mixed solution of aluminum and yttrium nitrates using urea as precipitant. After being washed by...

Authors: L. Luo, Lei Miao, Sakae Tanemura, Masaki Tanemura, Miwa Kawasaki

Abstract: The photocatalytic effects of 4 samples, which TiO2 layer uniformly coated on Al fiber, are evaluated by NOx removal. An anatase TiO2...

Authors: Y.N. Feng, Lei Miao, Yong Ge Cao, T. Nishi, Sakae Tanemura, Masaki Tanemura, K. Suzuki

Abstract: RF (Resorcinol-Formaldehyde) aerogels and carbon aerogels were prepared through the sol-gel method following the routes of polymerization,...

Authors: Ji Xia Lei, Xiao Lin Liu, Jian Feng Chen

Abstract: Nano-sized barium titanate powders were prepared by the high-gravity reactive precipitation (HGRP)-hydrothermal method. The properties and...

Authors: Xiao Hui Wang, Xiao Lin Liu, Jian Feng Chen

Abstract: Sintering behavior and mechanism of barium titanate powders prepared by high-gravity reactive precipitation (HGRP) process has been...

Authors: Sawao Honda, Shinobu Hashimoto, Hideo Awaji

Abstract: Thermal shock resistances of commercially available aluminum nitride and alumina ceramics as used for the circuit substrate were evaluated...

Authors: Cheng Ji Xian, Hideo Awaji

Abstract: Thermal shock test for porous SiC ceramics heated up to testing temperature was performed by a water flow cooling method. In order to find...

Authors: Long Liang, Jian Bao Li, Hong Lin, Xiao Zhan Yang, Gang Feng Guo, Ming Sheng He

Abstract: A membrane support provides mechanical strength to a membrane top layer to withstand the stress induced by the pressure difference applied...


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