Influence of Ground Clay Brick on the Properties of Fresh and Hardened Self Compacting Lightweight Concrete (SCLC)


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This paper aims to investigate influence of ground cay brick as filler or as aggregate on the workability and compressive strength of self-compacting lightweight concrete. Ground red brick was combined with other additives like: silica fume, stone powder and filler which was obtained by recycling old concrete. For this purpose, several mixtures of self-compacting concrete were prepared and tested. Properties of fresh mixture were determined by slump flow method, visual assessment of stability, T50 time, V-funnel method, L-box method and J-ring method. Also, in hardened state, compressive strengths and dynamic modulus of elasticity after 7 and after 28 days were determined.



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Michaela Kostelecká




S. Juradin and K. Grbeša, "Influence of Ground Clay Brick on the Properties of Fresh and Hardened Self Compacting Lightweight Concrete (SCLC)", Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 1106, pp. 57-60, 2015

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June 2015




* - Corresponding Author

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